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Why Use Henkab Courier Services?

Our services are designed to save your company high wages and other staff costs associated with support staff. At Henkab Courier Services, you will benefit from:-

Guaranteed Delivery
Henkab Courier Services tracks every transaction to ensure that your delivery gets where it is needed in good condition.

Service Differentiation
The collection and delivery of parcels as well as documents that require to be processed is done on timely basis and in a reliable manner. HCS gives you the convenience you desire, especially for companies which may have bulk items to be exchanged. The company is able to deliver the items at the doorstep of your clients.

Reliable, timely and responsive services
We believe in consistently delivering on our promises, getting your documents where they are needed within time and being responsive to all our client needs. As your business partners, we are committed to working with you to make your business more successful.

Reduced costs for business transactions
Expenses incurred in the purchase of delivery vehicles and motor bikes can be avoided. Salaries, medical expenses, fuel and maintenance costs that companies incur in an effort to maintain efficient services can be eliminated by engaging Henkab Courier Services.

Improved customer and supplier relations
Customers and Suppliers want to be served promptly. Our intermediary role between your customers and suppliers is to facilitate exchange of documents such as payments, invoices as well as supplies that are in our portfolio of services that we render.

Freed up time for strategic rather than operational decision making
As your business partner, we believe that managers require more time to concentrate on strategic issues, and let other actors in the value chain concentrate on tactical and auxiliary services. Henkab Courier Services will absorb your logistical hassles and free up your time. We do the rat race; you deal with more critical issues.

Our services are priced in a competitive manner, cutting across all the major towns in Kenya. Plans to roll out our services to regional and international markets are currently being fine tuned.

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